Ecoscanner FSRT usable on Windows? ... also for Custom-UI modules?

Hi Team,

as far as I understood the FSRT is also made for running the tests locally.

Can I use it also in the Windows environment?
I’m wondering because the error occurred during installation / compile:

Compiling fsrt V0.1.0
error [E0433] : failed to resolve: could not find 'unix' in 'os'
  ---> crates\fsrt\src\

              ^^^^^ could not find 'unix' in 'os'

Another question: Can it be used mit Custom-UI and Bridge/Modal usage as well?

Thanks in advance,


Unfortunately, we don’t support Windows at the moment, though I’ll make a commit to fix this, since it seems to be pretty quick. It can be used with apps that have Custom UI, but as of right now, all of our scans our focused on the runtime side, though that may change in the future.

Joshua (EcoAppSec)

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