Ecosystem Roundup - new button for Next-gen and more

Another installment of Ecosystem Roundup has hit the new Developer Blog. In this series, we pull together all the smaller news items that normally would get lost in the flow of bigger news. Check out the latest on Next-gen extension point additions, developer community topics you shouldn’t miss, and the latest product releases and EAPs.

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I really love the cross-posting because I always forget to check the blog frequently. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Same here. Thank you @rwhitbeck


Take the RSS feed and create an IFTTT recipe to email you posts from the blog when they’re published. The new blog now sends out the full blog post in the RSS so you’ll never forget to check it ever again.


Do it now and let me know when it’s set up :wink:

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@rwhitbeck, but it requires so many steps and using yet another third-party service. How simpler it would be with a simple “Subscribe” button on the blog page. UX matters.


Oh man, it’s almost like you know how to use computers! Thanks for the tip, I set it up.

But I think @jack is right - it would be great to be able to just subscribe to the blog on the actual page directly. :slight_smile:

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There is a button on the main page of the blog where you can get the RSS feed and then we let you figure out how to subscribe to it the way you want. I like the Email approach. Since Google News Reader died it’s the only way I kept up to date on RSS feeds.

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