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I want to add some custom content from my atlassian-connect add-on. I could just create some page containing an AUI form, but in the add-on descriptor there is a field module.customContent.customContent.uiSupport.editComponent which I would like to use, so the creation/edit of that custom content is more integrated into Confluence Cloud. For that field the documentation says

Defines a module for adding or editing custom content.

Confluence will provide the breadcrumbs, title input, submit and cancel button on the edit component. Add-on needs to supply the editor area like the screenshot shown below in a general page module.

So I configured a general page and created an endpoint which returns some HTML containing form fields.
Now in Confluence Cloud how is the redirection to that edit/create page for my custom content triggered? I can’t find any location in the UI or any JS function with that purpose, also the documentation does not say anything about that.

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Hi @pete
i’am developing a Confluence Cloud add-on using nodeJs and ACE , and i want to use Custom content as you ,
if you found the solution please explain it here cause i need it so or give me the link of the solution cause the documentation of Atlassian is not nough .

BASMA Radadi

Did you find a solution for this?
I followed this document but when trying to run npm start I get an error

Failed to register with host https://admin:xxx@xxx.atlassian.net (200)
Installation failed. The add-on defined an unknown module (customContent). Please <a href="https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/my-add-on/cloud/support">contact the add-on vendor</a>.
{"type":"INSTALL","pingAfter":300,"status":{"done":true,"statusCode":200,"contentType":"application/vnd.atl.plugins.task.install.err+json","errorMessage":"Installation failed. The add-on defined an unknown module (customContent). Please <a href=\"https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/my-add-on/cloud/support\">contact the add-on vendor</a>.","source":"https://ab11e0c3.ngrok.io/atlassian-connect.json","name":"https://ab11e0c3.ngrok.io/atlassian-connect.json"},"links":{"self":"/rest/plugins/1.0/pending/c41eef07-8014-4ca3-8130-00d427bf38b1","alternate":"/rest/plugins/1.0/tasks/c41eef07-8014-4ca3-8130-00d427bf38b1"},"timestamp":1502194593840,"userKey":"admin","id":"xxx"}
Add-on not registered; no compatible hosts detected

Any idea?


I have solved my issue by manually redirecting to

Hopefully this helps you solving your issue too.