Effective June 30, 2023, this security alerts category will be converted to read-only

Hi Community! Due to lack of use in the past 2 years and redundancy with other channels for security advisory information, Atlassian will be converting this Security Alerts category to read-only on June 30, 2023. Going forward:

  • Instructions to sign up for emails on critical severity security vulnerabilities and track non-critical severity vulnerabilities is available in our Security Advisory Publishing Policy.
  • For Partners with access to the Partner Portal, Atlassian also publishes critical severity security vulnerabilities within the Partner Portal News and consolidates them within the Partner Portal on a dedicated Security Advisory Resources page.
  • If additional notices become necessary in the future which aren’t fulfilled by another channel and need to be communicated via the Developer Community website, Atlassian will leverage the general Announcements category at that time.

Looking at that page in the partner portal the last post is from 2022. https://www.atlassian.com/trust/security/advisories lists these two (from 2023):

As critical. Do you have a process to ensure the partner page lists all critical advisories? If not, what is the point of it?

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Hi @daviddrawio thank you for calling our attention to this. We realized that the page lost a label to pull in the more recent blogs, so we’re getting that updated now. You’ll already see a more recent one in as we tested this so we’ll get that updated in the next day.

All critical advisories are published as blogs on the partner portal, so watching the news space is also a safety net that something isn’t missed due to a label oversight on our side which we hope will always be highlighted if you see it so we can get that corrected going forward like in this case.