Email API access for development

How are we supposed to develop against the new email API?

It requires the ACCESS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES and whitelisting, but getting whitelisted before development is rather impractical. In some cases it’s catch-22 impossible.

Also, once my app is whitelisted, what does it actually mean? Is it by app key? In this case I cannot really use it for development either, since the keys need to be unique, right?

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Thanks for your question. You can ask for multiple keys to be granted access to the email API so you can list both production and testing keys. We are currently examining ways to improve this setup but for now that will be best way forward.

I don’t feel getting whitelisted prior to development is too impractical or a catch-22. Once you’ve decided on your app key you can proceed prior to full on development. If you feel there would be other impediments there please let me know what you feel they are and we can look at improving the flow in this area.