Email Notification using Forge UI

We built an app using a Forge app developer. We have a requirement to send an Email notification to Jira users using the Email API.

Currently, our app is not listed on the Marketplace

Any help would be tremendous!

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Hi @IyyappanR,

I don’t think so Forge is supporting Email API at the moment.
More info:

What are you trying to do. If you can connect it to an issue - there’s a notification end point that can be utilized. Otherwise you’ll need to find an external rest based service provider for email (however, you will have to jump through the hoops getting access to the email address of the user).


Thanks for your response @danielwester. if possible shall we connect in person to discuss further the requirement?

Hi @danielwester can you share some more details about that end point? :nerd_face:

@danielwester Having spoken to the team. The following is the use case. The team uses electronic signatures, and so when a signature is required, the user should receive an email. The ask here is how do they get an email service to a registered user of JSW?

What I was suggesting was to take a look at

Thanks @danielwester for giving the link of REST API. Got 204 response status while calling the function form the forge apps. But didn’t receive any email regarding that actions.

please refer the below screenshot:

@danielwester @janambroz :wave: Please see above, have either of you seen this 204 error?

204 isn’t an error. 204 No Content is the expected response if the message is queued to be sent. See

Thanks @danielwester. It seems the message is being blocked and never comes out - does it matter if in development mode currently?

Don’t know. I think it ends up being Jira “magic” at that point. Check your settings to see if the user that you’re trying to send to is set up to send to (ie if you’re triggering at asUser and the user is has “don’t notify me on my changes” - then it might explain it).

Otherwise - don’t know - you might need to put in a dev support ticket.