Email notification

hi team,

i want to send a list of all finished stories of the same epic everyday, and i found a template in link : Jira automation template library | Atlassian, for the “when:scheduld” part, i want to see
1.if epic status is “in progress” or “on hold” , the list the epic name and all stories with status “successful” or “successful with WA”
2.if epic status change to “successful” or “successful with WA” on current day. then same as 1
3.if epic status change to “successful” or “successful with WA” before current day, then no email need send

could you help if it is possible?

the JQL i tried but failed below for your reference. thanks

status in( “successful”,“successful with WA”) and issuetype = “story” and parent link status = “in progress”

may i know any update?