Emojis in Confluence Cloud export view broken because of CORB - bug?

We are using the API endpoint /rest/api/content to get the body.export_view of pages and display it. Today, in a regular test run, I found that all emojis were broken in our view - on EAP instances as well as production instances. Investigating this, I found the following:

  • The images used are rendered differently in export view and the normal view - the normal view now uses a sprite map, the export and source views reference a normal PNG file.
  • The PNG file is incorrectly served as Content-Type: text/html;charset=UTF-8
  • This does not hurt when using the Advanced Details > View Source option, as the images are on the same domain.
  • But if you view the export html served from another domain (our cloud app backend, for instance), Chrome triggers a CORB (“Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response …/wiki/s/1849554224/6452/1bfb216518b5b44e4949193824b9585fefbf8439/_/images/icons/emoticons/72/1f468-200d-1f692.png with MIME type text/html”)
  • This seems to happen because of the dubious Content-Type.

I am rather surprised by this problem as everything was still working some days ago. However, this needs to be fixed and I am afraid that this is a bug in Confluence Cloud. And it might break many other security-conscious things in strange ways…

Suggested fix: please make the AtlassianProxy serve files with correct Content Types, image/png for example for PNG images, not just text/html everything.

Thank you!

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In case somebody else sees the same problem: for now, we will work around the issue by replacing emoji images with the contents of their data-emoji-fallback attribute if loading the image fails and the attribute is present.

Our users are also reporting this issue with emojis. I really wish Atlassian could test features with add-ons before making breaking changes all the time.

We are rolling out a fix for this.

Hi @JatinChopra I think there is related issue.

The icons & colors in the panels are not rendered correctly when they are included in Rich Text macros. It has exact same storage format i.e Confluence storage format but still panels are displayed a bit messed up when they inside macros.

Could you please also look into this issue? Please see the attachment.

@SteffenMueller @bitmagic as @JatinChopra mentioned, our team is already working on it and we have now raised a bug report so that you can follow the progress of the fix and the deployment directly there:

Let us know if you have any questions.

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