Enable "edit" and interactive mode for my CF custom UI app / macro

I’m building my first CF app and have it deployed and working as a macro add-in via the “+” toolbar when editing a CF page.

Just using the sample react hello-world template at this point. But, how do I go from having a static content page displayed as a content part within a CF page to allowing the user to interact with and ideally go into an “Edit” mode with my app?

When I hover over my macro part on the page, I just get the “fit” options like “wide” “full page width” etc. But, it seems if my CF custom app is going to allow interaction with the user, I somehow have to tap into an “edit” mode within the CF API…(?)

How do I do this? Thanks!

There’s a tutorial on adding configuration to macros that would probably be useful. Two main points are that you have to set config to true in the manifest and then you have to build the configuration component.

Thanks! I did see that but I need my app to be fully interactive. So, similar to how Gliffy works. Where when you click Edit in the hover context menu, it will take you to a full screen view of Gliffy so you can interact with it and design your diagrams, etc.

I’ll keep looking… thanks!

I believe that’s not possible with Forge apps. Maybe with Connect apps.

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ohhh… i see. alright, let me go look into Connect, thanks!