"Enable private listings" cleared in Confluence Cloud development instances

I noticed that in all our Confluence Cloud development instances in the Manage apps / Settings page the “Enable private listings” checkbox is cleared.

It seems that this happened this weekend (July 3rd) as our synthetic tests started to fail on one of our dev instances as the license was missing (which was added using the private listing token). Probably the latest deployment during this weekend has cleared it.

Anyone else is experiencing this?

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Hi @raimonds.simanovskis ,

I think this might have happened in Jira Cloud development instances also. Does this make sense to you?

I’ll reach out to the Marketplace team to get their input.


For me, it happened only in Confluence development instances. In Jira (on the same instance) everything was fine.

But if others are not complaining about this then probably it was a glitch only in some instances and let’s hope it will not happen again. If it will then our synthetic tests will catch it again.

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Thanks for the extra info. The Marketplace team are taking a look at this.

Hi @raimonds.simanovskis since we have changed the description text for “Enable private listings” maybe because of that it got cleared. If I would find something else related to this will inform you.
Thanks for raising the issue.

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