Enabled event is not triggered on install

Hi all!

An “enabled” lifecycle event has been added to our descriptor but it is not triggered on installation from the marketplace. Tested with the trial version and also with access keys

This event is used to register migration webhook as described here Webhooks and events

Has anyone run into the same problem?

You could try the “host_settings_saved” event - I’m using this to track install events via analytics and it fires quite regularly

Thank you for your response!
But I can not find info about that event in docs -


Is it some hidden event? Do you have a link to documentation about it?

There does not seem to be any documentation, all I could find is community posts

Note that you can use the Connect inspector to see all the events that your app receives

Thank you for the suggestions!

Actually, the enabled event was triggered… The problem was with the license. Atlassian triggers enabled events with “…?lic=false”.