Enabling a Jira Cloud app for a single project

Hi all.

I’ve developed a Jira Cloud app and would like to allow users to enable it for a specific project within their account. There doesn’t seem to be a way for them to do this via the Manage Apps interface, but has anyone found an elegant solution?

Obviously I could load my app conditionally using a project select setting I provide, with a “sorry it hasn’t been enabled” message where appropriate, but ideally it wouldn’t display the menu item.



How about a project settings page with an enable-app-for-this-project switch?


We do exactly what @david.pinn said in our app.

The switch/toggle saves the status to project “entity properties”. Next we use the entity property in atlassian-connect.json “condition” to show or hide the page/panel/content/glance.

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Yep, pretty much the exact thing we’re using too. Use entity properties and then conditions to check if to display or not.

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Thanks all. I wasn’t aware that the app descriptor could use entity properties as conditions.

For anyone coming to this thread, detail on how to use entity properties as conditions can be found here:

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