Enabling More Ecosystem Growth Together

An update from our Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Scott Farquhar:


As some of you have heard this morning at App Week Cloud, the Atlassian Ecosystem has brought tremendous growth in the past several years. This has led to us making our work with you – all of our app developers, Marketplace vendors and SaaS integration partners – a top priority for the company. Your feedback during the past several months has been instrumental in pushing us to further evolve the way we do business to better meet the needs of our shared customers, and ensure Atlassian’s entire ecosystem continues to thrive.

As such, we are integrating each part of the Ecosystem team – marketing, product, engineering, developer experience, and other teams – into their respective departments at Atlassian. For example, the Ecosystem Marketing and the Marketplace Business Operations team are now integrated with our larger Go To Market team. This means we will now be even more closely aligned on driving revenue and growth, demand generation, and collaboration with our channel. For engineering and product, these teams are also more aligned with the same teams that build our own products and technologies. Overall, this will provide more urgency, speed, and focus to deliver on the needs of our shared customers.

This not only ensures that our work together continues to be a top priority in each of these teams at Atlassian, it better enables us to help our businesses to continue to grow and scale. Through the integration, we will no longer have a GM role for Ecosystem and Max Mancini will be leaving Atlassian. He has helped Ecosystem mature as a business and his impact will be felt for years to come – and we wish Max the best in his future endeavors.

I am committed to our work together, and we will continue to work with you to listen, drive collaboration, and be your loyal advocate. Please continue to work with the Atlassians you have been working with to build your app businesses. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have in this discussion, so please post comments here.

Thank you for your continued partnership,

-Scott Farquhar


Thank you, @max.mancini, for your leadership of Atlassian Ecosystem!

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No GM, ok. But, is there any product manager (or head) for the Marketplace at Atlassian at least? who? Thanks.

Hello Pablo –

I’m continuing in my role as Head of Product Management for Ecosystem. My team of product managers and I are continuing to execute on our roadmap of features for our App Marketplaces (marketplace.atlassian.com, our in-product marketplace) as well as to the Atlassian Platform for Developers.

My team and I will continue to provide updates on our directional roadmap at Trello.

Thanks for your continued engagement as a marketplace vendor in our Ecosystem!


Brendan Foley
Head of Product Management, Ecosystem


Hi Brendan,

Thanks a lot for the update!