Entity property limit of each app

  1. Is there any limitation of each app entity property size to 32 kb ? can we extend the storage size of the app entity property

  2. Is app create only 100 entity property, means if we create 2 entity property for one issue type and create 100 issue type does it mean it will extend the limit of entity property?

  3. Is there any way to extend the entity property create limit

  1. https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/storing-data-without-a-database/ - so yes it’s limited to 32kb per property blob.
  2. App properties are “global” properties (for your app to read). These are different from issue/dashboard/issue type entity properties. For the entity properties - note that anyone can manipulate them as long as they have access to the attached object. I’m not aware of any limitations on these.

As far as extending the storage size or the number of items you can create - it’s hardcoded limits (at least to us it’s hard coded - who knows what magic the Atlassian Connect is using in the backend). If the current limits don’t work for you - I would put in a feature request to the Connect team with what the new limits should be and why.