Entity property not being indexed

Has anyone encountered a problem with indexing of issue entity properties? We have a customer who isn’t able to search based on an issue entity property that our app has created; you know, the issue.property[blah].whatever is not empty thing. Other customers don’t have that problem. The customer has uninstalled, and re-installed the app, without any appreciable effect. Is there a way to force re-indexing? Why would re-indexing not happen automatically? Is this something that Atlassian can force for a particular Jira instance? I await your thoughts.


I faced the problem on one of my dev instances in the past. It was permanent and easily reproducible.
However, after raising DEVHELP I did never get help.

I am going to take a look at it, will talk to internal teams if needed and provide update here. Thanks.

Hi @david.pinn could you please create a dev ticket with details about this particular instance? We will take a closer look.