Epic issues in team-managed projects can soon have parent issues from other projects

Hi developer community, we just announced that Epic issues in team-managed projects can soon have parent issues from other projects. Please have a look at the Epic issues in team-managed projects can soon have parent issues from other projects for more details.

Hi Cyprien,
I am confused about this announcement. Currently I don’t see any way to configure issue hierarchy levels for team managed projects. This means I am not able to set parent on Epic issues in team-managed project at all.
Do you plan to introduce issue hierarchy levels modifications for team-managed project with that change?

hi @Cyprien , could you please also clarify the rollout plan and when we can test this feature on EAP Jira instances? This change will have an impact on our apps so we are trying to get ready for it.
Thank you.

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for you question. We do not plan to introduce the capability to create TMP scoped issue types above epic with that change.

However in Jira Software Premium, it is possible to create global issue types (Company Managed Project) above epics (see documentation). With this initiative we will allow TMP epics to take a parent from an CMP Project of the adequate hierarchy level.

If you believe that there is value in having hierarchy above epics with project scoped issue types in TMP and can expand on the use cases please let us know.

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Hi Roman,

Thanks for reaching out, I can’t provide exact dates at this stage, but this should rollout towards the second of this quarter.

Are you able to elaborate on the impact? I may also be able to enable it earlier than general rollout for a specific instance.

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For the fans, I see that the Parent field can be added to the TMP Epics, but we can’t use it yet - I’m assuming this is prep. I also noticed that TMP data can be pulled into Plans (Advanced Roadmaps) but for now cannot link to until this is rolled out.

Also, why is this a ‘Deprecation Notice’?

Yes Erin you are absolutely correct. TMP is supported in Plans, and this is what will unlock the capability to link a TMP epic to initiatives within the plan.

The Parent field is happening independently of this, but this will indeed also work to set the parent of a TMP epic once that rolls out.

Deprecation notice has been chosen because in the past the parent field for TMP project would effectively always point to an issue from the same project. This is will no longer be true for epics. This is a breaking change and APIs that manipulate/return parent are impacted. If a consumer of those APIs had made assumptions based on the Project Type of the issue it could break their code. Since this is backward incompatible for such consumers, we picked the more severe level.

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Sharing that this has now been enabled for members of the Developer Canary Program.

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Hi Cyprien - Just confirming that the API is available OR the assignment of Team-Managed Epics to other projects or both? We are not on the Developer Canary Program but are excited to see that it’s getting close for us. Thanks so much for keeping everyone up-to-date.

Hi @BridgetCarey

There is no actual change to APIs or UI shape. However once this hit your instance you will be able to set a parent for epics (assuming you have configured a global hierarchy above epic). This can be done via the usual rest or graphql apis . And in the UI the parent field will allow selecting parent issues for TMP epics. Plans (formerly advanced roadmaps) will also allow users to parent their epics.

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Happy to share that as of today we have started the progressive rolling out of this feature.

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Hi @Cyprien. Will this be enabled for Jira Work Management projects as well or will it only be Jira Software?

Br, Kris

Yes this also applies to epics from JWM projects


As of today the feature is generally available. If your instance is on bundled release track, this will be rolled out on 2024/05/15.