Error 403 or 401 while requesting migration API


I am working on the migraitons from Jira Server to Jira Cloud.

From Jira Cloud, I am following this guide/example:

When I make requests /migration/data/{s3Key} or /migraiton/data/{transferId}/all or /migration/progress/{transferId}
I randomly have 403 errors (or 401) and the reason is not really explicit: just “Access denied”

When I rerun the migration with the curl command on Server side, I may not have the errors at the same place.

Can someone help ? Or know how can I troubleshoot this ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @LaurentNonnenmacher,

Thanks for contacting us. We can have a look at the logs, but we need a transferId and appKey to see what’s happening. Although it you’re getting HTTP 401 or HTTP 403 then it may be that the transfer has been settled (status of SUCCESS, FAILED, INCOMPLETE) and so you can’t get any more data from it. Also if it’s more than 2 weeks old it will have timed out.

Let us know the transferId and we can investigate.

James Richards
Senior Developer Support Engineer

Hi James

THanks for your reply
Here are some information with the test i have just made:
s3Key : 14d840f1-177a-4e1e-9234-3d86ddee789b
Migration c5a79131-ee39-4d79-aee7-40091f5bb3c2 (with name F1143)
transferId: 6b4b75ba-fcaf-3e68-ac61-4794064ca41e
jira clientKey: 634b4222-fca4-349e-a21e-2cf4cd4bc708

And when I try to look at this page
There is message: ERROR: 1S4JOD2

Thanks for your help!

Hi @LaurentNonnenmacher,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. For transferId=6b4b75ba-fcaf-3e68-ac61-4794064ca41e I can see you a FAILED status with attached message.

Updating cloud progress status for 6b4b75ba-fcaf-3e68-ac61-4794064ca41e to ProgressEndpointDto(percent=0, status=FAILED, message=Migration failed. Refer to this link {{link:}} for more.) 

Any access after sending FAILED, SUCCESS or INCOMPLETE will settle the transfer. This means it’s finished and you can’t access any more endpoints that use that transferId. You’ll need to check your code and logs to see why you sent the FAILED update.

As for the ERROR: 1S4JOD2 we can see in the logs

Blocking anon access to IFrame servlet for Optional[AddOnKeyAndModuleKey{addOnKey='ry-cloud-jira', moduleKey='migration-notifications'}]

which we think means you either aren’t logged in, or maybe Jira project does not have BROWSE_PROJECT permission. Or, as an error is being sent from your Connect code to us.

Developer Support Engineer