Error 403 when trying to get custom field contexts

I am developing an App with Forge, to create some reports. I created a Select box with react-select to show options from a custom field context. I am using this code:


From the API documentation. If I login as Jira Admin to run the app, the Select box gets populated with the custom field options. However if I login as a regular user, the Select box is not populated and I see a 403 error for the link.

I added the following permissions on the Manifest.yml file:
- read:field:jira
- read:field.option:jira
- read:custom-field-contextual-configuration:jira
- manage:jira-configuration

Which are the ones recommended in the API documentation.

What I could be missing?, I thought that just adding the recommended Classic and Granular permissions will make it work for regular users.


I believe you are just missing ‘route’ before the url.

import { route } from "@forge/api";


Hi Christopher,

I am using the requestJira from @forge/bridge actually, not the one from @forge/api.

Anyway I have get the custom field options from issue instead from custom field context as getting them from context requires Jira Admin permissions and from the issue does not, that way when a regular user uses the my app, will not have problems to get the custom field options due to permissions.