Error 500 trying to install my payed app via forge install

Hi all,

I got my first forge app ready for the Marketplace, but am stuck in the review process. I am not able to test the production build, because the installment in my test tenant always failes with an “Unknown Error” 500.
It seems, that during the Marketplace Approval process, a bug appears on Atlassian side, that I cannot reproduce on dev and staging. I’m not sure, if that bug might be connected to my problems…

  1. Is it normal, that you can not install a payed production app via “forge install” during Atlassians Marketplace Approval process?
  2. How can i circumvent the 500 error?
  3. If it is like that: How can I test the production build?

I don’t have any idea on what to do now… :frowning:

Best regards,