Error handling in Forge JQL functions

Dear Community,

Unfortunately, when returning an error using the JSON object format {error: "ErrorMessage"} from a Forge JQL function, the provided error message does not get displayed on the Jira GUI. Instead, the generic message An unknown error occurred while trying to perform a search. gets displayed.

(By the way, the same happens when throwing an Error out of the function. The difference might be that in this case, the result is not being saved as a precomputation - however, this is just and assumption that I haven’t checked).

Is there any way around this, or is this a bug?

If this were the desired functionality, returning an error message from the JQL function or saving an error message along with JQL function precomputations that failed (which is currently possible), would all be in vain.

Hi @PeterVelosy,

The error returned from an app is displayed in the New Issue Navigator. You can access it from the project tab:

then you should be able to see errors returned from your function:

If you throw an error from your function, there will be just a generic error message displayed on the UI.

Regarding precomputations - we don’t create them if app returns an error. Probably this is a place for improvement (maybe an app could return an additional param if it wants to save an error as a precomputation?). Currently it’s only possible to update existing precomputation with an error message in case you detect that the given precomputation is no longer valid.

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Hi @ljarzabek ,
Would it be possible to add the error display on the “Filters” page?

I’ll admit, I was a bit confused when my errors would not show up, as I was sure that I had implemented the proper error output :smile:

Best regards, Corentin

Hi @Corentin,

Please check the new issue navigator - there is better support for error messages.
You can access it from the Project view:


This new issue navigator should eventually replace the old one you are accessing via the Filters tab, but I’m not sure what the timeline is.

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