Error in translations paths - Addons JIRA Cloud


I’m learning to develop to JIRA Cloud platform. My idea is create a report view, but I tried to use translations paths in English and Portuguese (Brazil). I tried to install the addon but an error message it’s showed:

The add-on descriptor failed to validate against the schema. Please confirm this add-on is intended for use with JIRA and then contact the add-on vendor.
/translations/paths: object instance has properties which are not allowed by the schema: [“pt-BR”]

atlassian-connector.json | translations:

 "translations": {
	  "paths": {


		"example": {
			"name":"Relatório de Exemplo",
			"description":"Este é um relatório de exemplo"
		"outro": {
			"name":"Outro Relatório",
			"description":"Este é outro relatório de exemplo"

I’ve already used json key “pt_BR” (with underscore) but didn’t works.


Can somebody help me ?

Thank you.

You’re not doing anything wrong. It looks like Jira Cloud is limiting their support for languages to:

ru-RU: Translations for the “ru-RU” (Russian) locale.
de-DE: Translations for the “de-DE” (German) locale.
pt-PT: Translations for the “pt-PT” (Portuguese) locale.
en-US: Translations for the “en-US” (American English) locale.
ko-KR: Translations for the “ko-KR” (Korean) locale.
es-ES: Translations for the “es-ES” (Spanish) locale.
en-UK:Translations for the “en-UK” (British English) locale.
fr-FR: Translations for the “fr-FR” (French) locale.
ja-JP: Translations for the “ja-JP” (Japanese) locale.

(This is based on the schema published at ).

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Hi Daniel,

I was searching for that information, but I didn’t know about that.

I found this:,
so I thought that “pt-BR” was available.

Thank you very much.