Error loading app - forge macro UIKit


I am working on Forge UIkit confluence cloud macro. And getting unexpected error in the app as shown in attachment. How do I debug from here. I have forge tunnel but not seeing much info.

Thanks so much!

I figured problem is with calling nodejs package MarkdownTransformer. Any suggestions on how to call node js package from forge? thanks

Are there error logs that you’re able to share (aside from the screenshot)?

Thanks @bcook for getting back. I dont see any error now, but I dont see markup data after submitting the form. First screenshot is the logs and second one is the form with text area, my intension is to render the markdown data on confluence page. Is there any hook or anything that I could use to display the data on confluence page. Also I wanted to know how to call npm Markdowntransformer package from forgeUI typescript.


Basically I would like to know how to call MarkdownTransformer and render markdown data on confluence page using forgeui app