Error message from Workflow Validator not displaying on Jira Service Management Create Request Screen

Hi everybody

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong.

With my Forge Workflow Validator, I’m not seeing the error message I return.

Use Case
When creating a JSM ticket where approval is required, the requestor may not approve their own tickets

Manifest code

    - key: workflowvalidator-changeapprover
      name: FORGE- Validate Reporter vs Approver
      description: The Reporter and the Approver may not be the same person
      expression: issue.customfield_10003 == null ||
      errorMessage: A reporter may not approve their own work

  id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/587a30c3-0cc7-4675-af25-5a105d8c48aa
  name: workflowvalidator_changeapprover
    - read:jira-work

The expression is doing its job but I don’t see the error appearing anywhere. With Jira transitions, I’d see a flag popup on the bottom left of the screen, but with JSM, I just see the generic error message, regarless of the error I’m returning (see below).


Hi @DeonPetrusMeyer,

My team and I are facing the same problem. Have you found a solution for this?
In case you did, please share it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

No solution yet @LeonPaolovi :frowning:

Hi @DeonPetrusMeyer,
I would say that this problem is not directly related to Forge because the same issue is happening when building a validator with Atlassian Connect application.

We managed to make a workaround so that we add a module which shows below the native fields in the Create Request screen. In this module we show the error message in case it is the correct Request Type and so on… It is not the best UX but at least the custom error is visible. I’m not really sure if this workaround can help you since you are doing this on Forge and I think Forge doesn’t provide a module that would be useful in this situation, but nevertheless I hope Atlassian will solve this problem soon, but it seems like it exists awhile.

Good luck!