Error when trying to create new version - 'Invalid cloud app deployment details'

I’m trying to create a new version of my app that has scheduledTrigger and consumer modules added. I’m receiving this error:

forge lint reports no errors and everything works fine in development (deployment, installation and functionality). Here’s the manifest.yml


But when I try to install to production (forge install -e production) I receive this error?

Any ideas?

@JoshuaHwang Hi Joshua. Can you help me out here? Should I log a bug? Thanks - Ian

Hey Ian

You should never recurve a 5xx error intentionally ever.

I’m not sure if you are/aren’t allowed to install an app in the production environment once it’s on the marketplace. You certainly aren’t meant to see 500 from such a request however.

Could you please create a bug ticket so the right team can get to this?

The marketplace version number seems like an interesting different problem however.

After the weekend I’ll see who is best to look into this.

Thanks @JoshuaHwang

I’ve created 2 bugs, one for the install issue, another for the marketplace (ECOHELP-32636, ECOHELP-32638). re: the install issue, if I remove license enabled from manifest.yml the install is successful.

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Hi Ian

Cheers for creating those tickets.

Regarding the installation problems.

It was as I suspected. Once your app is on marketplace you can no longer install the app using the CLI for the production environment. Other environments for development are still okay.

The fact it returns a 5xx to you is still a problem we’ll aim to fix internally.

I’m still waiting on the marketplace version problem you’re seeing.

Thanks Joshua

When you say you’re ‘still waiting on the marketplace version problem’, I have logged the ticket. Do I need to do anything else ? This issue is quite urgent for me

They sit in a different timezone to myself.

Also it’s still the early holidays so there are fewer people around right now in general.

As far as I know there isn’t much else you can do to escalate.