Error when uninstalling Forge app

Hello, Iā€™m sorry that I have the same trouble. When I use forge uninstall, it looks like the following

$ forge uninstall
Warning: Your version of Forge CLI is out of date. We recommend you update to the latest version 
to get the latest features and bug fixes.
Run npm uninstall -g @forge/cli followed by npm install -g @forge/cli to update from version 6.15.0 to 6.16.0.

To uninstall your app from a site, select it from the list.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.
? Select where to uninstall the app:  (Use the Enter key to select)
ā”‚ Environment     ā”‚ Site                 ā”‚ Product ā”‚
ā”‚ (*) development ā”‚ ā”‚ Jira    ā”‚
āœ• Uninstalling...

Error: No Installation found for {"context":"ari:cloud:jira::site/db07405c-c184-478c-926d-f179cd6857d4","appReference":{"definitionId":"87b2e2d7-2f12-4a1f-ad83-6ae705669044"}} (requestId: 8639124438f1ce51)

And in the visual interface, it is also represented as the following picture

Thank you for your help

Hi @huang,

This seems to be an isolated error for this site/app.

Please raise a ticket at this portal so that our team can investigate the problem.


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