Error while trying to set components during transition

I’m trying to set components during transition using api but I’m always gettting error.
I’m using transition post method (
I’m getting error:

“errors”:{“components”:“Specify the value for components in an array”}

when I provide following data to the call:


Then I found this thread: Removing component from issue via REST API - Jira Development / Jira Cloud - The Atlassian Developer Community. I know it’s for updating not transaction, but based on the information there I’ve passed following data to the transformation:


With this approach I always get following error:

{“errorMessages”:[“Can not deserialize instance of java.util.ArrayList out of START_OBJECT token\n at [Source: com.atlassian.plugin.connect.plugin.auth.scope.InputConsumingHttpServletRequest$1@7ceab7ec; line: 1, column: 12] (through reference chain:[“update”])”]}

Anyone could show me how to do it properly?
Or this functionality just doesn’t work?

Just to clarify: before the transition the component field is not set, the components field is on the screen and the data for it when I ask for transitions are as follows:

        "fields": {
			"components": {
				"required": false,
				"schema": {
					"type": "array",
					"items": "component",
					"system": "components"
				"name": "Components",
				"key": "components",
				"operations": ["add", "set", "remove"],
				"allowedValues": [{
					"self": "https://[project path]/rest/api/2/component/10004",
					"id": "10004",
					"name": "backEnd"
				}, {
					"self": "https://[project path]/rest/api/2/component/10003",
					"id": "10003",
					"name": "engine"
				}, {
					"self": "https://[project path]/rest/api/2/component/10005",
					"id": "10005",
					"name": "frontEnd"
            <other fields...>

Ok, following this thread: Create issue via REST API - what shoudl fields / update data look like? - The Atlassian Developer Community
I got to this page:
Looking at examples there I finally make it work with following structure:


Is there a page that describes fields input formats for cloud as there is for server?

Oh, in case you would like to remove all components, this works for me:


And instead of names, ids can be used.