errorMessages : ['The app is not installed on this instance.']


in my custom ui app I call await (await requestJira(/rest/api/3/field)).json()

All I get is errorMessages: [‘The app is not installed on this instance.’]

Obviously, the app is installed on the instance. Trying /rest/api/3/field in the browser works just fine.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, no use.

Hello @TestmapRegularUser,

Your error ring a bell, but it was a long time ago, so my memory might fail me: are you requesting Jira from a Confluence Forge App?

If it’s the case, you need to install your App on both Jira and Confluence to have requestJira() working in Confluence.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

No we are only on Jira.

@TestmapRegularUser I am running into the same on Confluence. Did you ever solve this? I am doing this both asApp() and asUser() the latter of which produces a different error. See API v2 update page: code: 403, message: 'The app is not installed on this instance' - #3 by GerbenWierda

It seems this solved itself (or at least in my case), but it may take long (up to a day) for it to get fixed. Some caching is playing a role here, it seems.

Hi @GerbenWierda
Would you please share how you resolved this issue?

No, sorry. As I wrote “it solved itself somehow”

I realize this thread isn’t solved and others are hitting a similar error message, but I think this error message is “same symptom” with multiple underlying causes. For example, @SilvreLestang is right that this error message is common for cross-product apps. But it’s clear from this thread that it happens for other developers when only used in a Jira app to call Jira. And it may or may not be intermittent.

So, I’m going to close this thread and ask folks like @YY1 who are currently suffering to create a new topic with more context. With more detailed cases, perhaps we can find the other reasons than just the cross-product problem.