Event emitted when user goes from unlicensed to licensed in ACE

I have some setup code which runs on install. It listens for the 'connect_addon_enabled' event then proceeds to go through each issue and calculate some fields.

However, recently I noticed this event is only emitted when the add-on is installed, not when a user restarts their subscription.

Hence, when a user has been inactive for a while and restarts their subscription, the 'connect_addon_enabled' event isn’t emitted and the data in my app is not updated.

I believe it also used to run when a user restarted their subscription due to a bug in ACE, but that has since been fixed.

Is there an event I can listen for in ACE which is emitted when a user reactivates their subscription?



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Hi @RhysDiab,

When you say that the code listens to the connect_addon_enabled event, do you have a link to the documentation where you have seen that? I can only find it in the Confluence Webhook page (Webhook).

The reason why I’m asking is that for this scenario, the lifecycle events would be a much better fit. There was a thread here recently on this topic if you want to have a look or join the conversation: Are enable/disable events still supported in the app lifecycle?


Hi @ccurti

Thanks for looking into this.

Sorry, I was referring to the /enabled lifecycle event. Another vendor recommended it when I was looking for an event which was emitted slightly after host_settings_saved (/installed).

Is this event suppose to run a license goes from cancelled to active? This event only appears to be emitted on install. Or is there another lifecycle event which can be used for this purpose?

Thanks again.

Hi @RhysDiab,

There is no such event in Connect for when the apps becomes licensed or unlicensed. The only events are for the app installation/uninstallation.

Apps generally follow a pull model when the need to check the license arises, but I’m not sure this would help in this context. More infos are available towards the bottom of this page: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/cloud-app-licensing.

We could raise a feature request for this, but I would need to know more about the need for this endpoint.
We usually ask the following questions:

  • What is not achievable today with the current set of functionalities?
  • How would such feature help in the context of the app?

Thank you,