Are enable/disable events still supported in the app lifecycle?

According to the documentation, there is an ability to enable/disable an app installed from the marketplace in Jira.

Is this still available, because I can’t find it in anywhere in the app management page or configuration page for any of the apps that I install from the marketplace?

I’m asking because there is still in the documentation for Atlassian connect apps that those events can be fired

Is it the functionality that still exists?

There is no disable button on the screenshot.

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These events are still sent, yes. You can see this for example by using the Connect Inspector and installing your app once.

However the disable/enable buttons have long been removed from the UI so I suppose it’s relatively safe to assume that they are always accompanied by an install/uninstall event. Well, I guess users and pentesters could send forged enable/disable events to your app but you don’t need to support that.



Thanks for clarifying Sven!