Example of additionalEnvironmentVariables usage, Helm charts


We are trying out the helm charts for deploying atlassian products on K8s.

The documentation for manipulating the values.yaml is here: jira 1.6.0 · atlassian/atlassian-data-center

We are trying to pass in additional environment variables using additionalEnvironmentVariables, but can’t find a working example. It should be a list, so guessing that we could use something like

    value: "-Datlassian.recovery.password=temp123"

However, we seem to fail. Is this the correct syntax?

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For anyone who might need this in the future: Instead, use additionalJVMArgs:

  # Specifies a list of additional arguments that can be passed to the Jira JVM, e.g.
  # system properties.
    - "-Datlassian.recovery.password=secretpassword"

Hope this helps someone.