Exception getting message body from Velocity

I’m getting this error reported from my Plugin along with 'Lexical error at line 1, column 2. Encountered: after : “” ’
I understand its supposed to be that there’s an error in one of my templates (or perhaps even an included css or js file?).
However, on my dev PC (Windows 10) there’s no error but when I take the built jar file and install the plugin in my test PC (Windows 10), that’s when I get the error in 4 out of 5 servlets.
I’ve searched online and found nothing useful, I’ve opened all my velocity templates, css and javascript files in Sublime Text to try and spot any errors but no joy.
Anyone any suggestions in how to try and trace this obtuse error?

I managed to solve this and thought I’d post a reply here in case it helps anyone else with a similar problem.
An error was being reported in the build log, but wasn’t apparently severe enough to prevent it working on my Dev machine (even with a clean and rebuild).
I ran the build with the -Z switch (atlas-run -Z) which gave verbose logging and I noticed that it showed the error immediately after my last javascript file was loaded.
This last file was very small and I had copied its single method into another of my javascript files which was loaded earlier in the build sequence.
I deleted this javascript file, as it wasn’t really needed and its all good now.

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know the solution to your problem.

Much appreciated :+1: