Existing workflow status can not be found via REST API

Hello guys.

Our customers noticed problem with finding workflow statuses. We introduced feature based on workflows a two months ago. The feature displays issue statuses, which ids are extracted from workflow transitions. At the second step, we use jira workflow status end point to fetch statuses and get interesting us by id.

At the beginning, we were using /rest/api/3/status endpoint, our clients noticed that some statuses can not be found a month ago. So after that, we changed above endpoint to /rest/api/3/project/{projectId/key}/statuses. Next clients noticed that some statuses can not be found in service desk projects.

I had created new service project and noticed that status ‘Resolved’ is not being returned by /rest/api/3/project/{projectId/key}/statuses endpoint (but for sure it’s used in project workflow scheme).
Futhermore, the ‘Resolved’ status can be found in /rest/api/3/status endpoint.

We are confused - both of end points do not meet the requirements (or do we miss something?). We can not rollback to use /rest/api/3/status endpoint, because other clients can have an issue again.

I’d like to know if you have heard about this issue or any other vendors have met with problem.



Hey @nmansilla, could you ask developer team if it is an issue? We have got the next clients where the issue has occurred.


Hey @mpaisley - this is a problem I’ve mentioned over an email recently. Again - thanks in advance for Your support :slight_smile:


Hey Michal,

I just wanted to double check ‘Resolved’ is a status used in the customers Service Desk workflow? By default it’s not available, and Done is used.


Hey Mel,

I have checked this and it looks like auto generated workflow scheme for IT service desk project contains Resolved status in three workflows. There is also used Done status in one of the workflows.
Furthermore, some clients said the issue occurs also in classic projects. We have encountered the problem only in SD project.


Hi @KamilKlimek, I’m a Jira developer working in workflow area. I’d like to understand the issue and try to reproduce it. Could you please give steps to reproduce it?
The following information would be very helpful:

  • Type of product: service desk or software.
  • Type of project: next-gen or classic project.
  • Did the issue happen with default configuration, as in if I create a new project and doesn’t make any changes to it?
  • Did you notice any other status missing or only Resolved?
  • What was missing when you used /rest/api/3/status compared to /rest/api/3/project/{projectId/key}/statuses?
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Hi @lpham

The issue is difficult to reproduce, we’ve encountered this on our one Jira instance. Only some of our clients have noticed the problem also.

Information for you:

  • It’s service desk project. While creating I chosed ‘IT Service Desk’ option
  • Classic project
  • The issue occurrs in new project with default configuration
  • Imho the problem relates to duplicated statuses (I’ll describe below)

Here’s our a bit complex logic:

  • Fetch workflow scheme for project
  • Fetch all workflows from scheme (with expand=transition query option)
  • Process the received transitions and try to find destination status
  • No all of the statuses can not be found

As I look on our instance, the status with id 10033 can not be found. I checked this and it’s Resolved status. This status is being returned by rest/api/3/status endpoint, but is not visible in response from rest/api/3/project/{projectId}/statuses endpoint. Furthermore, second response contains Re/solv\\ed status with id 5. It’s really weird, but just look on part of response how it looks like.

You may suggest me to use /rest/api/3/status endpoint, but to be honest we were using it before, until some clients encountered the same issue as we currently have. The /rest/api/3/status/{statusId}/ endpoint also is not an option, because we will have performance issues.

Feel free to ask me for more details, I’d like to finally resolve this issue.