Experimental: Edit your Atlassian Connect Descriptors Online

Very recently I open-sourced an Atlassian tool that lets you view any JSON Schema as beautiful documentation: JSON Schema Viewer.

You can use this tool to read the Atlassian Connect Descriptor documentation, validate your descriptor live and get autocomplete as you modify it. Please check it out here today:

Please let us know if you think that links to this tool should be part of the official documentation. Cheers!


Nice work, Robert. Thank you. I just know I’ll go looking for this tool when I need it sometime in the future, and no doubt I’ll have trouble finding it unless it’s listed in the official documentation somewhere.


I quickly tried our connect files and none of them have CORS set in a way that would allow using that tool. Not in dev nor in production environment.

So unfortunately without a proxy this tool is not helpful for us. Might be different for others.
Just wanted to let you know.


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