Expiry time for API Token used in Basic Authentication for Jira cloud REST API

Hi All, is there any expiry time for the personal API token generated to use in basic auth for Jira REST API? Currently we are observing authentication issue with the token even when it is still in active state.

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @mahendarakarapu!

Based on this documentation, there is no mention of an expiry.

In order to get more context of your current situation,

  1. Was the token working before when calling the same API(s)? Is the error consistent?
  2. What is the error you are getting? Please share the response from the API call.
  3. Can you share code snippets (redact the username:password section) of the failing call(s)?


Hi @iragudo,
Thanks for the response. Please find below more context regarding the same.

  1. Yes, it was working fine before.
  2. Error response: “The Given Issue does not exist or you do not have permission to access it .”

We have verified that the issue exists in Jira.

Anuj Kharbanda