Export issue to PDF/XML


I am in need to export Jira issue to PDF.

Based on How to programatically export Jira issue to PDF? I can conclude that I will use third-party library to build a pdf file.

I do not want to go over Issue fields/custom fields programmatically to retrieve the information and would rather prefer to engage standard Jira functionality (XML export) to generate XML file. XML file then will be used to build PDF.

Now the question is how can I do this? How can I export an issue to XML?



We have an app that offers the functionality you are looking for.
See: http://www.midori-global.com/products/better-pdf-exporter-for-jira/cloud/

(Although it is in beta, waiting for Atlassian’s approval, it is stable and it is available for free.)


our app, Document Generation for Jira, generates files in pdf and doc formats.
In addition, you can create customized templates in online editor, that can be used in the future to simplify your work and save your time.
For more details, please refer to the link.

Thanks for your reply. I was looking for standard Jira API to export to XML

So there is no way. I had to iterate over issue fields/custom fields and combine XML from my code.

I know your post was from a while back. But, did you ever get this to work? I am trying to do the same. I can get data to JSON but not to XML.

Let me know…