Expose servlet in JSD (or add report)

I cannot find the appropriate way to add my own content to JSD. I am building a report for jsd customers that otherwise don’t have jira access. What I have kinda working is a servlet and url routing to expose it on a url that is in JSD. This seems like an approach that cannot be “correct” and is prone to breaking in the future. What should I be doing?

<routing key="teleport-servlet-key" path="/servicedesk">
    <route from="customer/portal/a/path/here" to="/plugins/servlet/my/cool/thing"/>

This seems to be a better approach. https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-questions/Is-it-possible-to-load-a-Java-Servlet-plugin-in-the-Customer/qaq-p/696083