Extend Confluence _Editor_ in Forge

I have found this really promising page Extend the Confluence editor which states

With Forge, you can add capabilities, information, and experiences to the Confluence editor. Forge components and hooks let you build sophisticated inline apps to help users create and check content.

However I’m not able to find any Confluence forge modules or examples.
Has anyone managed to extend the Confluence cloud editor with forge?

Hi @UlrichKuhnhardtIzym1, I don’t think the author of this page (no longer with Atlassian) meant the literal editor itself. Looking at the history of the page I am pretty sure the author was referring to the Confluence Editor as Confluence itself. By using Macros and modules to enhance the users experience while editing.

If you could, please use the star rating at the top of the page and provide your feedback on the confusion the title of this page causes.