Extend or add js to the issue overview page

Is there any way I can extend the issue overview page with a javascript?

We want to add a tab where the user can quickly see the budget ( time left / time estimated ) of the issues without having to go into the issue itself.

Hi @AchmedGurzhikhanow,

It looks like the goal here is to add a new column or tab with a calculated field (called budget) which is calculated based on the value of other available fields (“Time tracking” and “original estimate”).
If that’s correct, let me share that the filters view cannot be customised by adding a calculation based on two existing fields. Only columns based on existing fields ca be added or removed (Configure columns).

An option that you could explore could be the following:


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To extend what @ccurti said, you also cannot run custom Javascript in Jira Cloud to alter the view. Any extensions (either with Connect or Forge) are executed within an iframe and do not have permission to change the parent window.

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Hello @ccurti ,

thank you for the advice. I tried to configure the columns there with a custom field but its only showing up in the advanced filter view. Did I get it wrong and it is not possible to add these custom fields to the default project issue view?

But I will try out Forge thank you :+1:

But you can replace the issue filter table with your Forge app, right?

Not really. What @ccurti was hinting at, is that you can create an additional project page in which you can construct your own table (with your own columns). You cannot replace the existing Jira issue table.


Sadly that’s not the best solution for our employees who need a quick overview but it looks like thats the only way. Thank you :slight_smile: