Extend the Atlassian Wiki Renderer

Hey Developers,

I have a Dialog and added the Richt Text Editor (Called Atlassian-Wiki-Renderer) to give the user the opportunity to write some text. By default the editor have some fancy functionalities for example to add a html table or panel. I want to extend some more useful elements to the editor under the “+” dropdown menu shown in the screenshot below…does anyone have a clue how to add those kind of macros to the editor?

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Hi @M.Abdel-Mola,

To do that, you should look at the Rich Text Editor developer documentation which can be found here: https://developer.atlassian.com/jiradev/jira-platform/guides/rich-text-editor/tutorial-writing-plugin-for-rich-text-editor-in-jira

You can hook into the editor and do fancy things on the Javascript side.
Additionally, you can create custom macros in JIRA itself, and then give visuals to them in the Rich Text Editor.

Do note however, this editor seems to only be available from JIRA 7.3 onwards.
Older versions of JIRA don’t have the same editor, or the same customization options.

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Many thanks, its exactly what I was looking for