External Auth and Azure Question

Is Azure Devops really supported? I’m struggling with Azure Devops configuration since few days but apparently there is a bug. Payload in access token request does not match payload required by azure devops API. I can share more info if somebody is interested :wink:


:wave: @rafonet - I moved this to a new topic since the original announcement topic is quite a bit old.

Sharing more is always a great way to get folks interested! If you share more, I’ll see if we can’t find some extra :eyes: to take a look. :grin:

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Hi @bentley, Thank you for your interest.

We’ve tried to set up an external authentication provider (Azure Devops), unfortunately we encountered a problem with getting the access token.

The problem is I think with exchange part:

	  remote: devops-oauth
	  path: /oauth2/token
		accessToken: access_token
		accessTokenExpires: expires_in
		refreshToken: refresh_token

When forge is calling access token endpoint the request body (according to Microsoft documentation) should be in specific form:


and it is not.

This is just our theory because there is not much information about this in forge documentation and we cannot see the result of that access token endpoint call.


Any update on this? We are also struggling to make Forge external provider work with DevOps OAuth flow.

Thanks for posting these details!

As you suspect, using external authentication in Forge it will only send the standard OAuth2 body to Microsoft’s exchange endpoint, but as you mentioned here Azure DevOps require different parameters.


Thank you guys for all all informations. I hope Azure Devops support will be implemented soon, as crucial feature of our plugin depends on it. :slight_smile: