Extra flexibility with Jira Project Page and Custom UI

Hi Team. Loving forge. It’s made great progress in the last few months.

The Jira Project Page module is great, but (like Connect in the early days) enforces a large amount of padding around the app and a mandatory title. Is there any possibility these two items could be more configurable in future? This will help us greatly in the transition from Connect to Forge and for more effective use of screen realestate.



Have you tried using the layout property? If I remind correctly using layout: basic will remove the padding and the mandatory title. See the last entry in the properties table here.


Whoa! I wish we could have layout: basic for Confluence stuff as well.


Thanks @JulianWolf. I thought I had, but I realised I had a typo preventing it from working.

That said, there’s still 40px of margin on the left and right of the screen. This is exactly the same situation that arose with the introduction of the project page module in Connect. It simply isn’t feasible for the type of apps that we develop to have that margin. I can understand 10-20px margin on the left to avoid the weirdness of the sidebar popping out when interacting with the app, however the right margin is a non-starter for us.

Screen realestate is at a premium and this would just look weird with an app like Easy Agile User Story Maps which scrolls left and right. Not everyone has a simple vertically scrolling page which of issues or a config page consisting mostly of text, forms, etc. In this case, the padding makes sense. For us, not so much.

This is what our app would look like with 40px of padding left and right…

I believe these padding settings should be more configurable so we can have the flexibility to ship apps which don’t all have the same use-case, allowing Jira to be used in more scenarios.

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Oof, now I’m imagining other apps (like Structure or Tempo Timesheets) with that weird cutoff. :thinking:

We have left margins in the basic layout for a better user experience while switching between projects and apps. This is how other native Jira options in the left sidebar works. Without the left margin, the content will jump. For example, if the user navigates on the project sidebar from “Backlog” → to Forge app with no margin content will jump 40 pixels left. The left margin is needed to keep UX consistent. Nevertheless, the right margin doesn’t bring any value. We have added removing the right margin from the basic layout to an improvement list for the FullPage. The basic layout for General fullpage/Fullpage for endusers will not have margins (in this case we don’t have a left sidebar) Thanks for the feedback! :pray: :+1:


Hi! Update: margin right was removed in basic layout for full page extensions.