Extractor2 Component Not Working


I am trying to get an extractor component working, I have followed the guide located at https://developer.atlassian.com/server/confluence/how-to-fix-broken-extractors/. My plugin compiles and runs fine, but it appears to do nothing.

My atlassian-plugin.xml looks like this

<component name="Report Extractor" key="report-extract" class="com.kerridgecs.ReportExtract" public="true">
    <description>Outputs change report details to the search index</description>

In my ReportExtract class I am doing the following

public StringBuilder extractText(Object searchable) {

    return new StringBuilder().append("test").append(" ");

But whenever I save a page, I was expecting it to be searchable with the word test, but this doesn’t happen.

Am I missing a configuration step?