Failed installing app created with to jira

I’ve created an app on developer atlassian com and copied the “installation url”
When pasting that to my jira instance (“Manager Apps” -> “Upload App” after tagging
“Enable development mode”) I’m getting the following error:

The app descriptor failed to validate against the schema_ Please confirm this app is intended for use with JIRA and then contact the app vendor_

  • : object has missing required properties ([“authentication”])

I’ved looked at what installation url returns and indeed it is missing this section, but I don’t control the json that is returned there, I can only control the sub-json
Here is what is returned from the installation url but redacted (connect_atlassian_io/addon/descriptor/____/latest):

_links: - {
self: “___connect prod public_atl-paas net addon definition GUID1”
id: “GUID1”,
key: “GUID2”,
name: “My app name - Cloud”,
description: “This is the cloud app”,
baseUrl: “___my_app url that returns_valid_app_descriptor”,
origin: “dac”,
distributionStatus: “development”,
vendorType: “thirdParty”,
scopes: - [
version: “3.13.0”,
oauthClientId: “YYY”,
principalId: “XXX”,
oauthRedirectUrl: “…/oauth-callback”,
avatarUrl: “……”,
descriptor: - {
key: “GUID2”,
name: “My app name”,
scopes: - [
baseUrl: “…”,
metadata: - {
redirecturl: “…/oauth-callback”
lifecycle: - {
enabled: “/enabled”,
disabled: “/disabled”,
installed: “/installed”,
uninstalled: “/uninstalled”
principal: - {
id: “XXX”,
avatarUrl: “…”,
mentionName: “@…”
description: “This is the cloud app”


What am I doing wrong?

BTW - If I install my app directly via the app descriptor in: “…” then JIRA successfully installs my app, but it is not connected to the app created by and even though I’m signing my request with the shared secret and I create succesfully JWT I get
[ ‘You do not have the Jira Administrator permission required to get auditing records.’ ] when doing some REST API.

Does anyone know the difference between the regular connect app and the one that gets created at