Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window'

import React from 'react';
import { Editor } from '@atlaskit/editor-core';
import { emoji } from '@atlaskit/util-data-test';

const emojiProvider = emoji.storyData.getEmojiResource({
  uploadSupported: false,

const Main= () => (

I am getting below error for my cloud addon

DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.

However same code is working for my server addon.

packages used are

"@atlaskit/editor-core": "^123.0.0",
"@atlaskit/util-data-test": "^15.0.1",

This can be reproduced in chrome when "
Block third-party cookies" is selected in “settings->Privacy and security->Cookies and other site data”

Here only difference in cloud and server plugin i can think of is, cloud plugin is loaded within iframe.

are we doing it right way?