FAQ Section in Confluence for JIRA Service Desk

Currently, I have a Confluence Knowledge Base linked to JIRA Service Desk and I can search my Knowledge Base if I know the content. However, JIRA Service Desk Users do not know the content so they type in a question in the search bar. This question should like to the Knowledge Base page but I don’t see an effective way to create an FAQ section on each page.

Right now, I use the expand macro and insert FAQ inside of it, which is still visible on the page.

Any ideas?

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve? In my experience, the knowledge base linked to a JIRA Service Desk is a FAQ. No need for a separate FAQ section. Whenever a customer fills out a request form, any relevant knowledge base articles will be suggested to them.

If you are determined to have FAQ items as distinct things, then perhaps you could consider configuring your JIRA Service Desk project so that knowledge base searches are restricted to the “faq” label, which you’d have to add to the FAQ pages in Confluence.

Yes. When I original structured confluence, I had it solely based on knowledge. I had articles about WiFi and phone numbers and all the general documentation that may contain information related to the business. Once I completed the Confluence Knowledge Base, I went over the JIRA Service Desk and types in something a user would type in (i.e. How can I connect to the WiFi?"). Users would never type in just “WiFi”.

Well, since none of my text on the Confluence Knowledge Base contained the exact question of "How can I connect to the WiFi? the JIRA Service Desk does recognize it. It seems like the JIRA Service Desk search engine is based on exact matching.

Does this make sense?

I had a typo, I meant to write since the “Well, since none of my text on the Confluence Knowledge Base contained the exact question of "How can I connect to the WiFi? the JIRA Service Desk DOES NOT recognize it.”

In fact, JIRA Service Desk’s search is supposed to match on any words in the question, not on the exact phrase. That’s true in my experience, and comports with the WiFi example in the JSD documentation.

I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. I can only imagine that it has something to do with the set-up of the Confluence space. To test that theory, you could create a new space from within JIRA Service Desk as described in the above-linked documentation. If that works, you could then look at the Troubleshooting links on that same documentation page.

Yes, its very odd. The search that is conducted through the macros in Confluence work perfectly. I can search on any word or phrase or any combination of things. However, the JSD search seems to not use the same criteria or lookup the same fields as the macro search in Confluence.

Is there a way to configure the searching mechanism used for JSD? It’s is very hectic to insert a {expand} and then a FAQ section of text for each page but it seems to be my only solution for the short term.

Any Ideas?

Also, the procedures we use are very similar in content, but 1 or 2 fields may be different