Faulty behavior of web items - seems like a regression in Jira

One of our addons stopped working without changes on our side so we think this is due to a newly introduced regression in Jira. We have a web item declared in app’s descriptor which adds an item to the issue’s main menu. There are two problems:

  1. Jira no longer provides context parameters in the url, so that query params in “/pages/clone-epic-dialog?epicKey={issue.key}&projectKey=${project.key}” turn up empty,
  2. the web item has condition of type “jira_expression” and the expression is “[‘Epic’].includes(issue.issueType.name)” - if we remove this condition the web item works (i.e. the dialog opens albeit with empty query params) but when the condition is present the AJAX request that Jira makes prior to opening our dialog fails with code 403 and message “You do not have the correct permissions to view the page Clone epic” (“Clone epic” is the name of the web item); the only other condition is one checking if user is logged in (which was obviously true when we were testing it all) and its presence or absence doesn’t change anything.

Atlassian staff, please confirm that this is a regression. Thank you.

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+1! Having the same issue with context params, even AP.context.getContext() has only licence information.


The issue is being tracked ACJIRA-1918


@dboyd, thank you for raising the ticket!

However, I think there is another regression - please take a look at the second bullet point in my original post. This Jira expression condition shouldn’t have anything to do with permissions, especially when the condition is satisfied and the web item is displayed.

This is likely caused by the same thing. A lot of conditions wouldn’t be evaluated correctly if the context is not available.

It’s great that we already have https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-1918 to track it. Is there any plan to fix it? Im also getting the same issue in our main jira instance. This is interrupting an important part of our process.

Im worried the issue is still in Triage and it will soon be a 30 days ticket


In case it helps, I noticed the link where the jira instances are failing have removed their “href” attribute.

In the other hand, the jira instances where this is working has that attribute. Same thing when using the oldIssueView=true of the ticket.

Hope that can help you to identify the change that introduced the issue. Something that removed the href attribute in that part of the code. We really that part fixed asap!

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what do you think @kkercz?

ACJIRA-1918 is currently in progress and will hopefully solve all these problems. Not sure what else to add here.

It’s fixed now - thanks. @kkercz you were right, what I thought was another regression was also fixed.

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