Feature Flag Integration


I run Bullet Train ([https://bullet-train.io/](https://bullet-train.io/)) - a feature flagging platform. I wanted to know how we might integrate our platform into JIRA as has been done here:

Is there any documentation on this anywhere?


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@BenRometsch :wave:

The three feature flagging platforms listed at that page are actually available as Apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. There is no special trick to integrate a feature flag platform compared to any other integration / app.

Which means that if you want to integrate, your best starting point is learning to create a Jira Cloud app with Atlassian Connect, or a P2 plugin for Jira Server / Data Center.

If you do not wish to learn how to do this yourself, you can also try to partner up with existing vendors to see if they are interested in creating the integration.

Shameless plug: my team would be available to help if you want to partner up :grin:

Hi @BenRometsch

The the Cloud feature flag module documentation is available here: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/modules/feature-flag/

Before you start reading that documentation it would be a good idea to get a general idea on how to build Jira Cloud App’s. The documentation will be more readable then.


Perfect - thank you - just what I was looking for

Wow… didn’t know there was actually a feature-flag module. Nice.

Were you able to successfully integrate bullet train to your company Jira account?

Hi @BenRometsch , is this still something that Bullet train / Flagsmith is working on? We are bullet train customers and were trying to find better ways to identify which features were flagged off when we released them.

Hi Tom,

This is in the backlog but I’ll be 100% upfront with you it’s not near the top at the moment - sorry!