Feature request: Description field template


This it’s a suggestion to improve JIRA:

It’s would be great to be able to define a template for the description field.

User story:

  1. User click on button to create a issue.
  2. On create view the description field is pre-filled (photo montage)

Why this suggestion:
Because when a user create an issue often he forgets elements to describe it correctly (for example, describe browser name, add a screenshot, when the problem occurred, …). In addition, certain users do not pay attention to the formatting of their message, it is difficult to read. So it’s will be nice to pre-fill description field.

What do you think ? Easy to develop ?


Hi there,
For Server and DataCenter you could do something on the javascript side to detect the create issue dialog being triggered and then apply things at that point. You might want to look at Description Templates for Jira | Atlassian Marketplace

since it kinda does what you’re looking for.