Feature Request: History API for confluence:globalPage

Dear Forge Developer Team,

While developing a Forge App for Confluence using Custom UI, we discovered the History API that can be used through the view object in the @forge/bridge package.

We would love to use it on our confluence:globalPage module as it would make it easy for our users to share URLs to specific App content. However, it is currently not possible as it throws the following Error:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: History API is not available within this module.

Could you bring this functionality to the confluence:globalPage module? It would help us out a lot and bring great functionality to our App.

Thanks and kind regards,


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Hey @FelixWaldbach ! You can submit a feature request by creating issue in Forge project Forge - Issues - Ecosystem Jira.

This brings me to the Atlassian Ecosystem Help Center. Where exactly can I create a Feature Request there?

We actually have a feature request for this [FRGE-755] - Ecosystem Jira

Please just add your vote to that ticket :smiley:

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