Feature Request: Use FormCondition in MacroConfig component


It would be nice to use FormCondition in MacroConfig component (not only inside a Form).
FormCondition allows to guide the user step by step to fill in a form in MacroConfig.

My personal use case is:
Step 1: In MacroConfig panel, the user select a Jira project in a select field
Step 2: Depend of value selected on step 1, the user select a issue type (eg: Requirement) in a second select field

So for my use-case it doesn’t make sense if the user starts with step 2.


My code look like :

// Function that defines the configuration UI
const Config = () => {
  const [projects] = useState(fetchProjects); //Get jira project list
  const [issueTypes] = useState(fetchIssueTypes(10001)); // /!\ Static value . How to get Issue type depend of jira project selected ?

  return (
      <Select label="Project" name="projectKey">
        {projects.map(project => {
          return (
            <Option label={`${project.name} (${project.key})`} value={project.Id} />
      <FormCondition when="projectKey" is={not null}>
        <Select label="Issue Type" name="issueType">
            issueTypes.issueTypes.map(issueType => {
            return (
              <Option label={`${issueType.name}`} value={issueType.Id} />

For information FormCondition is described : FormCondition documentation

Looking forward to reading you


Hi @ThibautFAURE ,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve filed your feedback as [FRGE-264] Allow FormCondition to be used in MacroConfig - Ecosystem Jira and will pass it along to the Forge team

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